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How to Engage Customers with eDrop: The Easiest Way To Issue Digital Assets


Maddie Holeksa

Maddie is the Head of Operations at ethos. With previous experience helping consumer brands adopt new technology, Maddie has a passion to drive success for brands.

Maddie is the Head of Operations at ethos. With previous experience helping consumer brands adopt new technology, Maddie has a passion to drive success for brands.

Would you like to offer your customers a fun, new, exciting way to engage with your brand? With people’s attention being pulled in a million different directions, it’s harder than ever to engage your customers in meaningful ways.

Maybe you’ve heard of other brands like Clinique or Starbucks getting in on the digital asset space, but you don’t know how to start for your brand. We’re here to help with that.

The world of digital assets (NFTs) has advanced so much that you can now offer unique and exciting digital assets without confusing yourself or alienating your customers with complicated crypto setups.

You can do it all with a new ethos solution called eDrop.

What is eDrop, how does it work, and most importantly, how can you use it to connect with your customers? Let’s explore.

What is eDrop?

eDrop is a tool that enables brands, retailers, and companies to offer digital assets to their customers for free. Through a user-friendly experience, you can issue digital assets to anyone, at any time, with minimal effort.

Offering digital assets allows you to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Drive engagement
  • Increase customer loyalty

You can create exciting contests or rewards programs where recipients receive their own digital asset. What's more, our system only requires an email address from the participant—there's no need for a crypto wallet.

Why eDrop Is Great For Brands

Free for Customers

Digital assets are a great way to engage customers. However, sometimes charging for them may not be the best approach. That’s why, with eDrop, you can give away these digital assets for free, providing an irresistible incentive for your customers.

Easy to Use

eDrop makes experimenting with digital assets hassle-free. If you want to show appreciation to your loyal customers, all you need is their email address. With a simple click, they can create an account and claim their digital asset, with no crypto wallet or payment necessary. Previous blockchain knowledge is not needed!

Flexible Claim Links

One of eDrop's most versatile features is the ability to create claim links that can be used in a variety of ways. These links allow you to offer digital assets to early adopters or dedicated customers, and they can be either limited or unlimited in quantity. With claim links, brands can build excitement and anticipation among their customers by offering exclusive digital assets that grant access to private events, contain coupon codes, or elevate users' status within a loyalty membership program.

The best part about eDrop's claim links is their flexibility. They can be used in any way that makes sense for your brand, whether that's a sticker handed out at events, a QR code at a conference, or a link embedded in an email campaign that grants special access or perks. You could even distribute them en masse to customers if you wanted to. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination.

By using claim links, you can build excitement and anticipation among your customers, encouraging them to take action and engage with your brand.

Creative Uses of eDrop

Brands are finding innovative ways to use eDrop, from hosting digital scavenger hunts at conferences to rewarding attendees with unique digital assets for participating in specific breakout sessions.

One notable example is the Hockey Hall of Fame, which used eDrop to reward people who pre-registered for information on an upcoming Hockey Hall of Fame campaign with a digital version of the Greatness Calling book. This exclusive book was only available at the NHL induction ceremony in November 2022, making it a highly sought-after item for hockey fans.

eDrop also makes it easy to create scarcity and exclusivity, appealing to a wide audience without limiting the experience to a select few. For example, individuals who attended the Klevu Discovered Conference in London received an exclusive digital asset that gave them access to a digital magazine. This creative use of digital assets not only engages attendees but also provides them with an eco-friendly souvenir and collectible to remember the event by.

Even well-established brands like Clinique have taken notice of the potential of digital assets. In one of their social media campaigns, participants shared joyful moments, with winners receiving rare digital assets and free products. This approach not only promotes brand engagement but also taps into the emotional connection customers have with your brand, creating a more meaningful experience.

How to Get Started with eDrop

eDrop is perfect for brands looking to re-engage customers without alienating them. By testing the waters and gauging your audience's interest in digital assets, you can offer unique rewards at a low cost and low risk with eDrop.

By embracing the flexible and engaging possibilities of eDrop, you can witness firsthand how it transforms your brand's digital presence.

Try eDrop yourself at this link, while quantities last.