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ethos Introduces Gated Experiences for Brands and Their Customers


Brands can now include Gated Content as a perk within a digital asset

Vancouver, British Columbia – ethos, a leading white-label digital asset (NFT) platform for brands, announces its Gated Experiences feature, starting with Gated Content.

A Gated Experience allows exclusive access to something (e.g., content, a game, eCommerce) with a digital asset. Brands are using the ethos platform to offer digital assets, and they now have the option of adding Gated Content as an exclusive benefit for their customers.  

ethos' mission is to support the world’s mass adoption of digital assets, and with that in mind, no crypto wallet is needed to purchase, receive, or access a digital asset or its utility. The first portion of the Gated Experiences feature is Gated Content, which allows brands to enable exclusive access to videos, podcasts, or written content to holders of their digital assets.  

Gated Experiences have wide-ranging benefits. Brands can give access to content they have; it can be an incentive to join a loyalty program, promote a community, or to purchase something exclusive. This innovative way to provide exclusive access expands the use of digital assets and is the first of its kind.  

“We continue to build features that make the benefits of web3 accessible to everyone, removing barriers while adding real value for brands,” CEO of ethos, Matias Marquez, said. “Our utility-first platform unlocks a new world of customer connectivity for brands, and we are excited that Gated Content is the first step in our buildout of Gated Experiences.”  

If you’re interested in trying this feature for yourself, claim a free digital asset using this link, and experience the video content we have included.

About ethos

ethos is a white-label platform on a mission to accelerate the world’s mass adoption of digital assets (NFTs) by facilitating rich experiences for both brands and their customers. ethos' platform allows brands to offer digital assets through a fully branded experience that includes real-world utility. Added utility such as discounts, air drops, early access, or special products when holding a digital asset makes ethos the chosen partner for brands who want to reward and grow their customer base. Whether a brand’s customer is a crypto pro, or it is their first time engaging with an NFT, ethos’ platform allows for a barrier-free transaction for all. ethos makes the entire process so simple that even a crypto wallet is optional. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the ethos website, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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