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Digital Asset

Digital Assets Explained

A digital asset is anything that can be represented digitally and can be shared with your customers. Each is recorded on the blockchain, marking true ownership.


Digital Asset

Simple storage options for your customers including saving to their Apple Wallet.

Make Storage Easy

Digital Asset

More Than an Image

Added utility makes a digital asset more than an image. Include discounts, special products, access to events and other great benefits.


Digital Asset

What Does it Look Like?

List the real world benefits here. Offer discounts, early access to sales, and other perks.
The Blockchain you choose will be here, we’re agnostic.
Here we will link the actual Smart Contract, which authenticates ownership.

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Connect with your customers

ethos is a white label platform that drives customer engagement with digital assets that include real-world benefits

Features your customers will love


Easy Purchase with Apple Pay, credit card or PayPal


Simple storage within a traditional account or Apple Wallet


Great benefits with real world utility online and at your locations


One click claim, easy transfer or even gift to a friend

Features you will love



You control the experience. Your digital assets are wrapped in your branding, on your own individual site and all customer communication is branded. This is not a marketplace.


Inclusive Experience

Everyone can participate. The only requirement to receive a digital asset is an email address. Traditional payment methods like VISA, MasterCard, and Apple Pay are also supported.


Utility Driven

Designed for your customers to receive real world benefits. We integrate value adding features like discounts, air drops, early access and other special perks that your customers will love.


Secure & Scalable

Information security is extremely important, which is why we use proven blockchain protocols and enterprise-level infrastructure that is designed to scale with your most ambitious campaigns.

Our blog

Education, thoughts, and ideas for consumer brands that are exploring digital assets.

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How can you leverage digital assets to drive customer engagement?

With ethos, you provide your customers digital assets that are user-friendly and do not require a crypto wallet. Your digital assets include real-world benefits that are you unique to your brand.

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Why work with ethos?

We are focused on the future and our approach is targeted towards brand legacy, community engagement, and real-world benefits. Together, we will help you introduce digital assets for your brand and develop deeper engagements with your customers.

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We partner with industry leaders in various categories to provide you and your customers with a world class experience.

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