March 23, 2023

Apple Wallet Integration & Display Feature

We are excited to announce the launch of a fantastic new feature that will make loyalty programs even more accessible and convenient for customers. Starting today, users can add their loyalty card directly to their Apple Wallet with just the tap of a button!

Seamless Integration for Apple Users

This new feature is a game-changer for Apple users, making it incredibly easy to keep their loyalty cards handy. With a simple tap, a brand’s loyalty card can be added to their phone’s wallet, ensuring it’s always available when they need it. No more digging through emails or apps to find their loyalty card—everything is right there in their Apple Wallet.

Strengthening Brand-Customer Connections

By leveraging this feature, brands can ensure their membership cards are always accessible to customers, enhancing the connection between the brand and its loyal followers. The presence in Apple Wallet means brands are always top of mind, fostering a stronger and more consistent relationship with customers.

White Label Solution for Brand Consistency

Just like all other ethos solutions, this feature is completely white-labelled. This means the brand’s unique look and feel will be perfectly maintained, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints. Customers will experience the seamless integration of your loyalty program into their Apple Wallet without compromising a brand’s identity.

How It Works

  1. Easy Integration: With ethos, integrating this feature into your existing loyalty program is a breeze.
  1. One-Tap Addition: Customers can add their loyalty card to Apple Wallet with a single tap.
  1. Always Accessible: Membership cards are readily available in the Apple Wallet, enhancing convenience and usability.

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