The ethos Podcast

Individuals from a variety of backgrounds join us to discuss customer loyalty, engagement, and how to create brand advocates.

ethos is the leading loyalty platform for brands who want to deliver exciting benefits to their customers in one place. One solution for customers to receive their special discount, watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, access a limited product, and so much more.

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March 14, 2024
37 MIN

Let's Talk About Customer Retention with Jess Cervellon

A leading force in elevating health, wellness, and consumer packaged goods brands, Jess Cervellon joins the ethos podcast to unpack the intricacies of customer acquisition versus retention and the art of building lasting loyalty in today's competitive market.

February 6, 2024
37 MIN

A Holistic Look at Customer Loyalty with Expert Terry Mathews

This episode features loyalty and financial services expert Terry Mathews. Terry has built and managed loyalty programs for large companies like Wayfair, Walmart, Hudson's Bay, and more. Matias and Terry talk about the evolution of customer loyalty, common barriers, and how to reward customers in ways to keep them engaged.

December 1, 2023
37 MIN

Where Humanity and Technology Intersects with Breezy from Mars

In this episode we discuss the leading work Mars is doing to deliver new experiences for customers, their award-winning Juicyverse campaign, and more!